1. 06 May, 2001 1 commit
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      updated exports · 1fa43ed5
      Hans Breuer authored
      2001-01-06  Hans Breuer  <hans@breuer.org>
      	* gdk/gdk.def : updated exports
      	* gdk/win32/makefile.msc : -DGDK_ENABLE_BROKEN otherwise
      	gdk won't compile anymore
      	* gdk/win32/gdkevents-win32.c : initialize ret_val when
      	processing GDK_FILTER functions, initialize event.key->hardware_keycode.
      	Improved gdk_flush () to not only do pending drawing operations
      	but also process all currently pending events. This should make
      	the behaviour more similar to the X11 version.
      	* gdk/win32/gdkgc-win32.c (predraw_set_background) : a background
      	option needs to be set even if there is no GDK_GC_BACKGROUND.
      	(gdk_win32_hdc_get) : use predraw_set_background () independent
      	of value_mask. This allows to draw dashed lines leaving the original
      	background intact.
      	* gdk/win32/gdkimage-win32.c (gdk_image_new_bitamp) : free data
      	after processing, because we can't reuse it as the X11 version does.
      	* gtk/gtk.def : updated exports
      	* gtk/makefile.msc.in : added ATK, removed all test apps. (I
      	would like to get rid of this file again, and use straight
      	makefile.msc again, as the other Gtk+ subdirs do)
      	* test/makefile.msc (new file) : build the test apps here
  2. 05 May, 2001 3 commits
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      Release 1.3.5 · bd7502f9
      Owen Taylor authored
      Sat May  5 10:06:24 2001  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@redhat.com>
      	* Release 1.3.5
      	* configure.in (GTK_MICRO_VERSION): Up to 1.3.5
              * NEWS: Updated
      	* demos/gtk-demo/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): Fix minor
      	Makefile breakage.
    • Owen Taylor's avatar
      Fix typo in filename. · d15b4aa5
      Owen Taylor authored
      Sat May  5 09:18:30 2001  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@redhat.com>
      	* demos/gtk-demo/images.c (progressive_timeout): Fix
      	typo in filename.
      	* gtk/gtktreeview.c (gtk_tree_view_row_activated): Comment
      	out FIXME warning; just too annoying.
    • Pablo Saratxaga's avatar
      updated azeri file · 81b7687f
      Pablo Saratxaga authored
  3. 04 May, 2001 1 commit
    • Alex Larsson's avatar
      Better error messages. · 3b782bdb
      Alex Larsson authored
      2001-05-04  Alex Larsson  <alla@lysator.liu.se>
      	* gdk/linux-fb/gdkcolor-fb.c:
      	Better error messages.
      	* gdk/linux-fb/gdkpixmap-fb.c (gdk_pixmap_new):
      	Initialize abs_x and abs_y.
      	* gdk/linux-fb/gdkrender-fb.c (gdk_fb_fill_span_generic):
      	Correct handling of stipple offset.
      	* gdk/linux-fb/gdkvisual-fb.c (gdk_visual_init):
      	Treat directcolor framebuffers as truecolor.
  4. 03 May, 2001 8 commits
  5. 02 May, 2001 2 commits
  6. 01 May, 2001 3 commits
    • Jonathan Blandford's avatar
      Add autoscroll support. It mostly works, but could use some fine tuning. · 5ce6ee5f
      Jonathan Blandford authored
      Tue May  1 19:09:21 2001  Jonathan Blandford  <jrb@redhat.com>
      	* gtk/gtktreeview.c (gtk_tree_view_horizontal_autoscroll): Add
      	autoscroll support.  It mostly works, but could use some fine
      	* gtk/gtktreeview.c (gtk_tree_view_button_release_drag_column):
      	Actually move the column.
    • Owen Taylor's avatar
      New default theme! A slighly improved version of the 2.0 Raleigh theme, · c626cd42
      Owen Taylor authored
      Mon Apr 30 20:29:27 2001  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@redhat.com>
      	* gtk/gtkbutton.c gtk/gtkcheckbutton.c gtk/gtkoptionmenu.c
      	  gtk/gtkspinbutton.c gtk/gtkstyle.c gtk/gtkwidget.c:
        	  New default theme! A slighly improved version of the 2.0 Raleigh
      	  theme, with Windows-esque focus/drawing default.
      	  (GtkWidget::interior_focus defaults to TRUE.)
      	* gtk/gtkstyle.[ch]: Add a text_aa color halfway between text and base.
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      fix to work with gtk_paint_layout change · 2635496a
      Havoc Pennington authored
      2001-04-30  Havoc Pennington  <hp@pobox.com>
      	* tests/testtext.c (line_numbers_expose): fix to work with
      	gtk_paint_layout change
  7. 30 Apr, 2001 2 commits
    • Owen Taylor's avatar
      Add an extra parameter use_text to gtk_paint_label() to deal with · 2d372c40
      Owen Taylor authored
      Mon Apr 30 19:18:07 2001  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@redhat.com>
      	* gtk/gtkstyle.[ch] gtk/gtkaccellabel.c gtk/gtkcellrenderertext.c
      	  gtk/gtkhruler.c gtk/gtkhscale.c gtk/gtklabel.c gtk/gtkprogressbar.c
      	  gtk/gtkvruler.c gtk/gtkvscale.c: Add an extra parameter
                use_text to gtk_paint_label() to deal with style->bg[] vs style->text[].
      	* gtk/gtkbbox.c gtk/gtkdialog.c: Tweak padding some to deal
      	  with GtkWidget::interior_focus = TRUE better.
      	* gtk/gtkbutton.c
      	* gtk/gtkwidget.c (gtk_widget_style_get_valist): Remove
      	G_VALUE_NO_COPY_CONTENTS, to correspond with the recent
      	change that had to be made with g_object_get.
    • Jonathan Blandford's avatar
      new function. (gtk_tree_view_move_column_after): Clean up interface. · 483f2d52
      Jonathan Blandford authored
      Sun Apr 29 20:13:40 2001  Jonathan Blandford  <jrb@redhat.com>
      	* gtk/gtktreeview.c (gtk_tree_view_get_columns): new function.
      	(gtk_tree_view_move_column_after): Clean up interface.
  8. 29 Apr, 2001 2 commits
    • Tim Janik's avatar
      moved GtkAnchorType and GtkSideType from gtkpacker.h to gtkenum.h. · c63e37b4
      Tim Janik authored
      Sun Apr 29 03:02:02 2001  Tim Janik  <timj@gtk.org>
              * gtk/gtkpacker.h:
              * gtk/gtkenums.h: moved GtkAnchorType and GtkSideType from gtkpacker.h
               to gtkenum.h.
              * gtk/gtkmain.c (gtk_main_do_event): silence compiler (GDK_SETTING not
              handled in switch).
              * gtk/Makefile.am:
              (gtk.defs): generate enum portions with  glib-mkenums.
              (gtktypebuiltins_evals.c): generate this with glib-mkenums.
              got rid of makeenums.pl and makeenums.awk in distributed tarballs.
              * gtk/gtkaccelgroup.c (gtk_accel_group_add): refined havocs warning
              * docs/Changes-2.0.txt: keep a note on signal handlers now
              not getting emitted during the emission they were connected within.
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      fix bug in tooltip · 9a1d0b5c
      Havoc Pennington authored
      2001-04-28  Havoc Pennington  <hp@pobox.com>
      	* gtk/gtkcolorsel.c (palette_new): fix bug in tooltip
  9. 28 Apr, 2001 4 commits
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      voc Pennington <hp@redhat.com> · 7ad36413
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* gtk/gtktextlayout.c (gtk_text_layout_move_iter_to_previous_line):
      	(gtk_text_layout_move_iter_to_next_line): fix these two for
      	invisible text, lots of other stuff still hosed.
      	* gtk/gtkcolorsel.c (gtk_color_selection_set_change_palette_hook):
      	new function, replaces the get/set palette stuff. This function
      	is intended for use by libgnomeui which should set the hook to a
      	thing which sets the palette in GConf, and we need the
      	GConf-to-xsettings proxy which will result in the change being
      	propagated back to the GTK app.
      	* gtk/gtkaccelgroup.c (gtk_accel_group_add): add note to warning
      	about unusable signals that it may be because the signal has
      	* gtk/gtkwidget.c (gtk_widget_modify_style): always copy the
      	style, otherwise gtkrc.c won't know to create a new GtkStyle for
      	(gtk_widget_modify_color_component): call
      	gtk_widget_modify_style() so the rc style will get copied.
      	(gtk_widget_modify_font): ditto
      	* gtk/gtkrc.c: make a couple variables static
      	* gtk/gtkcolorseldialog.c (gtk_color_selection_dialog_init): hide
      	help button by default, since it does nothing
      	* gtk/gtkcolorsel.c: add tooltips, work on key navigation, fool
      	around with UI
      	* gtk/gtkentry.c (gtk_entry_realize): request enter/leave notify
      	so we can have tooltips
      	* gtk/gtkhsv.c (gtk_hsv_realize): request enter/leave notify so we
      	can have tooltips
      	* gdk/gdkimage.h: mark gdk_image_new_bitmap with
      	GDK_ENABLE_BROKEN, because its memory behavior is completely
      	* gtk/gtknotebook.c: remove key press handler, replace with
      	binding set, add numeric keypad support
      	* gtk/gtktextview.c (gtk_text_view_class_init): accept KP_Delete
      	* gtk/gtktext.c (gtk_text_key_press): add a bunch of KP keysyms
      	* gtk/gtkentry.c (gtk_entry_class_init): accept GDK_KP_Delete in
      	addition to plain Delete
      	* gtk/gtktextview.c (gtk_text_view_key_press_event): accept
      	GDK_KP_Enter in addition to GDK_Return
      	* gtk/gtkfontsel.c (gtk_font_selection_size_key_press): connect to
      	activate on entry instead of key press
      	(gtk_font_selection_on_clist_key_press): get
      	rid of this signal handler, not needed with new font sel.
      	* gtk/gtkfilesel.c (gtk_file_selection_key_press): remove a
      	no-longer-needed emit_stop_by_name(), just return TRUE
      	* gtk/gtkhscrollbar.c, gtk/gtkvscrollbar.c: remove keybindings
      	cruft, this widget is no longer focusable.
      	* gtk/gtkrange.h, gtk/gtkrange.c, gtk/gtkvscale.c,
      	gtk/gtkhscale.c: Get rid of trough_keys virtual function, add
      	move_slider action signal, add binding set for vscale/hscale, in
      	the process support numeric keypad
      	* gtk/gtkentry.c (gtk_entry_class_init): Add keypad bindings;
      	make GDK_Return and GDK_KP_Enter activate the entry via
      	binding set, instead of hardcoded.
    • James Henstridge's avatar
      s/G_PARAM_WRITE/G_PARAM_WRITABLE/ · f06a7253
      James Henstridge authored
      obvious fix to make it compile
    • Jonathan Blandford's avatar
      Massive reorder/cleanup of a lot of the code. Some documentation added. · c4f26ae3
      Jonathan Blandford authored
      Fri Apr 27 20:27:21 2001  Jonathan Blandford  <jrb@redhat.com>
      	* gtk/gtktreeview.[hc]: Massive reorder/cleanup of a lot of the
      	code.  Some documentation added.
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      fix warning · 7e9b154f
      Havoc Pennington authored
      2001-04-27  Havoc Pennington  <hp@redhat.com>
      	* gtk/gtkcombo.c (gtk_combo_popup_button_press): fix warning
      	* gtk/gtkmessagedialog.c (gtk_message_dialog_init): make messages selectable
      	* gtk/gtkentry.c (gtk_entry_real_insert_text): don't strip
      	line/para separators
      	(gtk_entry_create_layout): set single paragraph mode on the layout
      	* gtk/gtkbutton.c (gtk_button_new_from_stock): don't put much
      	spacing between the image and label; instead, inside a button box
      	the button will get extra space that will go there, but if people
      	configure button box for 0 chubbiness, then there's no spacing.
      	* gtk/gtkbbox.c (gtk_button_box_class_init): Make child ipadding
      	and min/max size style properties, so people can tune their
      	* tests/testgtk.c (make_toolbar): remove calls to removed toolbar
      	* gtk/gtktoolbar.c (gtk_toolbar_class_init): Make space_size,
      	space_style, and button_relief into style properties, remove
      	functions for setting them
      	* gtk/gtkmenu.c (gtk_menu_key_press): handle menu bar accel to pop
      	it back down
      	* gtk/gtkoptionmenu.c (gtk_option_menu_get_props): free boxed
      	types from gtk_widget_style_get
      	* gtk/gtkmenubar.c (gtk_menu_bar_set_shadow_type): Remove, replace
      	with a style property.
      	* gdk/x11/gdkevents-x11.c: namespace the settings
      	* gtk/gtkmenubar.c: Add F10 accelerator to move between menubars.
      	* gtk/gtksettings.c (gtk_settings_class_init): remove code with
      	side effects from inside g_assert(), so that G_DISABLE_ASSERT can
      	be used. Also, translate doc strings for settings. Also, namespace
      	the double-click-time property. Also, remove bell properties crap.
  10. 27 Apr, 2001 1 commit
  11. 26 Apr, 2001 6 commits
  12. 25 Apr, 2001 3 commits
  13. 24 Apr, 2001 3 commits
    • Alexander Larsson's avatar
      Forgot the ChangeLog entry. · 4dd65a16
      Alexander Larsson authored
    • Alexander Larsson's avatar
      i2001-04-24 Alexander Larsson <alexl@redhat.com> · c6680637
      Alexander Larsson authored
      	* gtk/gtkclist.[ch]:
      	* gtk/gtkctree.c:
      	When there is a row highlighted for D'n'D it must alse
      	be painted hightlighted on exposes. Otherwise exposes from
      	the icon being dragged will mess up the hightlight.
      	* gtk/gtkfontsel.c:
      	Don't recenter selected font when exposing the font family
      	clist. This means you can now actually scroll the font family
      	* gtk/gtknotebook.c:
      	Fix focus movement on scrolling tabs that are placed on the left
      	and right.
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      handle 0-height empty/invisible lines. · b84d2f12
      Havoc Pennington authored
      2001-04-21  Havoc Pennington  <hp@pobox.com>
      	* gtk/gtktextdisplay.c (gtk_text_layout_draw): handle 0-height
      	empty/invisible lines.
      	* gtk/gtktextiter.c (gtk_text_iter_set_visible_line_offset)
      	(gtk_text_iter_set_visible_line_index): new functions to set
      	indexes excluding invisible text
      	* gtk/gtktextlayout.c (line_display_iter_to_index): get visible
      	* gtk/gtktextiter.c (gtk_text_iter_get_visible_line_index)
      	(gtk_text_iter_get_visible_line_offset): new functions to
      	get indexes excluding invisible text
      	* gtk/gtkmessagedialog.c (gtk_message_dialog_init): strip out a
      	bunch of extra padding that served no purpose
      	* gtk/gtkdialog.c: Make all the spacings configurable via style
      	properties, for chubbiness configuration in themes
      	* tests/testtext.c: fix path to the immodules.
  14. 23 Apr, 2001 1 commit
    • Jonathan Blandford's avatar
      add missing '}' that got munched by #endif. · 60051ff6
      Jonathan Blandford authored
      Mon Apr 23 18:57:03 2001  Jonathan Blandford  <jrb@redhat.com>
      	* gtk/gtksocket.c (gtk_socket_filter_func): add missing '}' that
      	got munched by #endif.
      	* gtk/Makefile.am (gtk_plug_c_sources): add missing '\'
      	* gtk/gtktreeview.c: Refactored code to clean up a number of
      	* gtk/gtktreemodel.c (gtk_tree_path_compare): Switched return
      	values to make consistent with other functions.  Spotted by Jeff
      	Franks <jcf@tpg.com.au>.
      	* gtk/gtktreeview.h (struct _GtkTreeViewClass): Fixes to signal
      	declaration spotted by Jeff Franks <jcf@tpg.com.au>.