1. 19 Feb, 1998 3 commits
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      more debugging fixes. · 10474e6a
      Tim Janik authored
      hey yosh, you beated me at gdk.c ;)
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      present the argument access masks on their announcement. · 0ef453b8
      Tim Janik authored
      Thu Feb 19 06:56:52 1998  Tim Janik  <timj@gimp.org>
              * gtkbox.c:
              * gtkbutton.c:
              * gtkcontainer.c:
              * gtkframe.c:
              * gtklabel.c:
              * gtkobject.c:
              * gtkwidget.c:
              * gtkwindow.c:
              present the argument access masks on their announcement.
              * gtk/gtkobject.h:
              * gtk/gtkobject.c:
              (gtk_object_add_arg_type): take an additional argument describing
              the access mask of the new arg. this can be of GTK_ARG_READABLE,
              GTK_ARG_WRITABLE or GTK_ARG_READWRITE (the latter is an alias for
              the two previous ones).
              (gtk_object_query_args): provide an access_mask array if desired.
              * gtk/gtkwidget.c (gtk_widget_real_realize):
              realized the assumtion that widget is a NO_WINDOW widget
              in actuall code.
              * gtkwindow.c:
              slight changes to gtk_window_configure_event that will make
              the resizing behaviour a little less odd.
              sigh, for some (buggy) reason, there are still container resizes
              triggered by manual resizing to very small window sizes.
              the cointainer resizes will cause gtk_real_window_move_resize to
              be invoked, which makes the app look like it wants to fight the users
              resizing action. ;(
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      configure.in gdk/gdk.[ch] gdk/gdkcc.c gdk/gdkglobals.c · fc7e845c
      Owen Taylor authored
      Thu Feb 19 01:11:48 1998  Owen Taylor  <owt1@cornell.edu>
      	* configure.in         gdk/gdk.[ch]         gdk/gdkcc.c
      	  gdk/gdkglobals.c     gdk/gdkinputcommon.h gdk/gdkprivate.h
      	  gdk/gdkvisual.c      glib/configure.in    glib/glib.h
      	  glib/gutils.c        gtk/Makefile.am      gtk/gtkmain.c
      	  gtk/gtkobject.[ch]   gtk/gtkdebug.h       docs/debugging.txt
      	New system for controlling debugging:
      	* --enable-debug=[no/yes/minimum]
      	* G_NO_CHECK_CASTS to control cast checking
      	* G_ENABLE_DEBUG enables run time checking which controls:
      	    Object tracing
      	    Showing events
      	    Miscellaneous g_print's in GDK
      	  And is controlled by --gdk-debug/GDK_DEBUG, --gtk-debug/GTK_DEBUG
              * debug_level and show_events are gone from GTK
      	See docs/debugging.txt for details.
      	And some fixups to the configure.in's so '-g' can be
      	overriden on the command line for --enable-debug
  2. 13 Feb, 1998 1 commit
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      Add a DestroyNotify field, and gtk_object_set_data_full() to match. · dd07df15
      Owen Taylor authored
      Tue Feb 10 15:01:44 1998  Owen Taylor  <owt1@cornell.edu>
      	* gtk/gtkobject.c gtk/gtkobject.h: Add a DestroyNotify
      	field, and gtk_object_set_data_full() to match.
      	* gtk/gtkobject.c (gtk_object_finalize): ObjectData structures
      	were being added to a free list, then forgotten about. Just
      	rely on GMemChunk instead.
  3. 02 Feb, 1998 2 commits
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      fixed a bad, bad referencing bug that could caused unreferencing of · eeaefdf0
      Tim Janik authored
      Mon Feb  2 04:15:08 1998  Tim Janik  <timj@gimp.org>
              * gtk/gtkmain.c (gtk_propagate_event): fixed a bad, bad referencing
                bug that could caused unreferencing of finalized objects.
              * gtk/testgtk.c: destroy fileselection on "OK" (this triggered the
                above mentioned bug).
              * gtk/gtkwidget.h:
              * gtk/gtkwidget.c:
              * gtk/gtkobject.h:
              * gtk/gtkobject.c:
                implemented and object reference tracer (gtk_trace_referencing) which
                is activated if GTK_TRACE_OBJECTS is defined (currently per default).
                in gdb: set the static variable `gtk_trace_object' to point to the
                object that you want to have reference traced.
              * gtk/gtkfileselection.c: few cleanups.
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      GTK_RESIZE_NEEDED is a private flag now. · eef38289
      Tim Janik authored
      Mon Feb  2 04:15:08 1998  Tim Janik  <timj@gimp.org>
              * gtk/gtkcontainer.h:
              * gtk/gtkcontainer.c: GTK_RESIZE_NEEDED is a private flag now.
                (gtk_container_register_toplevel): new function.
                (gtk_container_unregister_toplevel): new function.
              * gtk/gtkmain.c: GTK_LEAVE_PENDING is a private flag now.
              * gtk/gtkmenu.c: call gtk_container_register_toplevel in
                gtk_menu_class_init instead of this dirty gtk_widget_set_parent(,NULL)
                hack. new default handler gtk_menu_destroy for calling
                gtk_container_unregister_toplevel. removed GTK_ANCHORED, GTK_UNMAPPED.
              * gtk/gtkobject.h: macro cleanups, added GTK_DESTROYED flag.
              * gtk/gtkobject.c: only emit DESTROY signal if !GTK_OBJECT_DESTROYED
              * gtk/gtkprivate.h: new file that will not be automatically included.
                it holds the private flags for GtkWidget along with it's SET/UNSET
                and examination macros.
              * gtk/gtkwidget.c: private flags: GTK_RESIZE_NEEDED, GTK_REDRAW_PENDING,
                replaced by GTK_TOPLEVEL. added missing UNSET for GTK_IN_REPARENT.
                removed the gtk_widget_set_parent(, NULL) hack for toplevels.
                upon destroy free memory for widgets with GTK_WIDGET_HAS_SHAPE_MASK.
              * gtk/gtkwidget.h: split up the widget flags into a public and a private
                portion. added an extra field private_flags to GtkWidget without making
                it bigger by using an alignment gap of 16 bit. macro cleanups.
              * gtk/gtkwindow.c: removed GTK_ANCHORED. new function gtk_window_destroy
                for calling gtk_container_unregister_toplevel. removed the
                gtk_widget_set_parent(,NULL), call gtk_container_register_toplevel
                instead. remove GTK_UNMAPPED. GTK_RESIZE_NEEDED is private now.
              * gtk/gtksignal.c (gtk_signal_disconnect): removed a bug on
                removal that cut off the handler list -> living_objects == 0
                with testgtk. made some warnings more descriptive.
                new function gtk_signal_connect_object_while_alive, which
                will automatically destroy the connection once one of the objects
                is destroyed. didn't include this before removal of the above
                mentioned bug.
      * reflected refcounting revolution in ChangeLog
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  7. 17 Jan, 1998 1 commit
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      +Sat Jan 17 06:24:05 1998 Tim Janik <timj@psynet.net> · 8dc9cd53
      Tim Janik authored
      +        * gtk/gtktypeutils.h (gtk_type_get_arg): new function.
      +        * gtk/gtkobject.h (gtk_object_query_args): new function.
      +        * gtk/gtkobject.h (gtk_object_getv): new function.
      +        * gtk/gtkwidget.h (gtk_widget_get): new function.
  8. 16 Jan, 1998 2 commits
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