Commit fccaf53b authored by Jonathan Blandford's avatar Jonathan Blandford
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Remember to save the file before committing.

parent f43ab0c4
......@@ -477,8 +477,7 @@ gtk_layout_map (GtkWidget *widget)
if (GTK_WIDGET_VISIBLE (child->widget))
if (!GTK_WIDGET_MAPPED (child->widget) &&
!GTK_WIDGET_IS_OFFSCREEN (child->widget))
if (!GTK_WIDGET_MAPPED (child->widget))
gtk_widget_map (child->widget);
......@@ -664,8 +663,6 @@ gtk_layout_remove (GtkContainer *container,
if (tmp_list)
gtk_widget_unparent (widget);
layout->children = g_list_remove_link (layout->children, tmp_list);
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