Commit fc45590f authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen
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Forgotten file.

parent d2203a3f
......@@ -492,10 +492,13 @@ gtk_fixed_forall (GtkContainer *container,
* @has_window: %TRUE if a separate window should be created
* Sets whether a #GtkFixed widget is created with a separate
* #GdkWindow for widget->window or not. (By default, it will be
* #GdkWindow for @widget->window or not. (By default, it will be
* created with no separate #GdkWindow). This function must be called
* while the #GtkFixed is not realized, for instance, immediately after the
* window is created.
* This function was added to provide an easy migration path for
* older applications which may expect #GtkFixed to have a separate window.
gtk_fixed_set_has_window (GtkFixed *fixed,
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