Commit fc11fb7f authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen Committed by Emmanuele Bassi
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Don't require glslc for vulkan

The compiled shaders are checked into git.
parent 412c2225
......@@ -341,13 +341,8 @@ enable_vulkan = get_option('enable-vulkan')
if enable_vulkan != 'no'
vulkan_lib = cc.find_library('vulkan', required : false)
if vulkan_lib.found() and cc.has_function('vkCreateInstance', dependencies : vulkan_lib) and cc.has_header('vulkan/vulkan.h')
glslc = find_program('glslc', required : false)
if glslc.found()
have_vulkan = true
pc_gdk_extra_libs += ['-lvulkan']
error('Need glslc for Vulkan support. See or compile with -Denable-vulkan=no')
have_vulkan = true
pc_gdk_extra_libs += ['-lvulkan']
message('Vulkan support explicitly disabled')
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