Commit f7833013 authored by Alexander Larsson's avatar Alexander Larsson Committed by Emmanuele Bassi

gdk_cairo_surface_upload_to_gl: Don't apply device scale

The arguments to this function is the texture width/height, and these
are already scaled.
parent 5e973006
......@@ -837,7 +837,6 @@ gdk_cairo_surface_upload_to_gl (cairo_surface_t *surface,
cairo_rectangle_int_t rect;
cairo_surface_t *tmp;
double sx, sy;
double device_x_offset, device_y_offset;
g_return_if_fail (surface != NULL);
......@@ -848,14 +847,12 @@ gdk_cairo_surface_upload_to_gl (cairo_surface_t *surface,
cairo_surface_flush (surface);
sx = sy = 1;
cairo_surface_get_device_scale (surface, &sx, &sy);
cairo_surface_get_device_offset (surface, &device_x_offset, &device_y_offset);
rect.x = (int) device_x_offset;
rect.y = (int) device_y_offset;
rect.width = width * sx;
rect.height = height * sx;
rect.width = width;
rect.height = height;
tmp = cairo_surface_map_to_image (surface, &rect);
gdk_gl_context_upload_texture (context, tmp, rect.width, rect.height, target);
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