Commit f6f8f4b7 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

shortcutaction: Just use gtk_widget_activate_action

We can just rely on this, no need to do manual
action group juggling here.
parent 318ac2f8
......@@ -971,31 +971,11 @@ gtk_action_action_activate (GtkShortcutAction *action,
GVariant *args)
GtkActionAction *self = (GtkActionAction *) action;
GActionGroup *action_group;
const GVariantType *parameter_type;
gboolean enabled;
GActionGroup *group;
action_group = G_ACTION_GROUP (_gtk_widget_get_action_muxer (widget, FALSE));
if (action_group == NULL)
return FALSE;
if (!g_action_group_query_action (action_group, self->name, &enabled, &parameter_type, NULL, NULL, NULL))
return FALSE;
if (!enabled)
return FALSE;
/* We found an action with the correct name and it's enabled.
* This is the action that we are going to try to invoke.
* There is still the possibility that the args don't
* match the expected parameter type. In that case, we will print
* a warning.
if (!gtk_shortcut_trigger_check_parameter_type (args, parameter_type))
return FALSE;
g_action_group_activate_action (action_group, self->name, args);
group = G_ACTION_GROUP (_gtk_widget_get_action_muxer (widget, FALSE));
if (group)
g_action_group_activate_action (group, self->name, args);
return TRUE;
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