Commit f403dd89 authored by Robert Brady's avatar Robert Brady
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Bad Italian translation team!

When I say

   Translate to default:RTL if you want your widgets
   to be RTL, otherwise translate to default:LTR.

I do _not_ mean

   otherwise translate to predefinito:LTR.

Hmm, perhaps the warning should be a little stronger. But anyway.
parent 549e225c
......@@ -288,7 +288,7 @@ msgstr "cancella"
#: gtk/gtkmain.c:417
msgid "default:LTR"
msgstr "predefinito:LTR"
msgstr "default:LTR"
#: gtk/gtknotebook.c:2059 gtk/gtknotebook.c:4131
#, c-format
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