Commit f3e1c088 authored by Carlos Garnacho's avatar Carlos Garnacho

device: Fix dispose

The way master devices detach from their other master counterpart is
vulnerable to infinite recursion due to the way we first recurse on
the other device before clearing the pointer, this may happen if
that last reference to the other master device is held by the
device->associated field.
parent 0adf0401
......@@ -323,17 +323,20 @@ static void
gdk_device_dispose (GObject *object)
GdkDevice *device = GDK_DEVICE (object);
GdkDevice *associated = device->associated;
if (device->type == GDK_DEVICE_TYPE_SLAVE)
_gdk_device_remove_slave (device->associated, device);
if (associated && device->type == GDK_DEVICE_TYPE_SLAVE)
_gdk_device_remove_slave (associated, device);
if (device->associated)
if (associated)
if (device->type == GDK_DEVICE_TYPE_MASTER)
_gdk_device_set_associated_device (device->associated, NULL);
g_object_unref (device->associated);
device->associated = NULL;
if (device->type == GDK_DEVICE_TYPE_MASTER &&
associated->associated == device)
_gdk_device_set_associated_device (associated, NULL);
g_object_unref (associated);
G_OBJECT_CLASS (gdk_device_parent_class)->dispose (object);
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