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eventcontrollermotion: translate event to widget coordinates

When creating the motion controller, we know the widget that is of interest
based on gtk_event_controller_motion_new(). However, not all incoming
events are guaranteed to be of the GdkWindow associated to that widget.
They may also be for a descendant. Therefore, it is useful to translate
those coordinates into the target widget coordinate space as that is
likely what they care about.
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......@@ -58,18 +58,49 @@ static guint signals[N_SIGNALS] = { 0 };
G_DEFINE_TYPE (GtkEventControllerMotion, gtk_event_controller_motion, GTK_TYPE_EVENT_CONTROLLER)
static void
get_coords (GtkWidget *widget,
const GdkEvent *event,
double *x,
double *y)
GdkWindow *window, *ancestor;
GtkAllocation alloc;
gtk_widget_get_allocation (widget, &alloc);
gdk_event_get_coords (event, x, y);
ancestor = gtk_widget_get_window (widget);
window = gdk_event_get_window (event);
while (window && ancestor && (window != ancestor))
gdk_window_coords_to_parent (window, *x, *y, x, y);
window = gdk_window_get_parent (window);
if (!gtk_widget_get_has_window (widget))
*x -= alloc.x;
*y -= alloc.y;
static gboolean
gtk_event_controller_motion_handle_event (GtkEventController *controller,
const GdkEvent *event)
GtkEventControllerClass *parent_class;
GtkWidget *widget;
GdkEventType type;
widget = gtk_event_controller_get_widget (controller);
type = gdk_event_get_event_type (event);
if (type == GDK_ENTER_NOTIFY)
double x, y;
gdk_event_get_coords (event, &x, &y);
get_coords (widget, event, &x, &y);
g_signal_emit (controller, signals[ENTER], 0, x, y);
else if (type == GDK_LEAVE_NOTIFY)
......@@ -79,7 +110,7 @@ gtk_event_controller_motion_handle_event (GtkEventController *controller,
else if (type == GDK_MOTION_NOTIFY)
double x, y;
gdk_event_get_coords (event, &x, &y);
get_coords (widget, event, &x, &y);
g_signal_emit (controller, signals[MOTION], 0, x, y);
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