Commit eb56320d authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

Revert an accidental change

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21837
parent 42ab202b
2008-12-01 Matthisa Clasen <>
* gtk/gtkentry.c: Revert an accidental change that sneaked
in with the last commit.
2008-12-01 Paul Bolle <>
Bug 562817 – GtkDialog: typo
......@@ -333,6 +333,7 @@ static void gtk_entry_get_cursor_locations (GtkEntry *entry,
CursorType type,
gint *strong_x,
gint *weak_x);
static void gtk_entry_adjust_scroll (GtkEntry *entry);
static gint gtk_entry_move_visually (GtkEntry *editable,
gint start,
gint count);
......@@ -1479,7 +1480,7 @@ gtk_entry_realize (GtkWidget *widget)
gtk_im_context_set_client_window (entry->im_context, entry->text_area);
_gtk_entry_adjust_scroll (entry);
gtk_entry_adjust_scroll (entry);
gtk_entry_update_primary_selection (entry);
......@@ -3441,7 +3442,7 @@ recompute_idle_func (gpointer data)
if (gtk_widget_has_screen (GTK_WIDGET (entry)))
_gtk_entry_adjust_scroll (entry);
gtk_entry_adjust_scroll (entry);
gtk_entry_queue_draw (entry);
update_im_cursor_location (entry);
......@@ -4041,8 +4042,8 @@ gtk_entry_get_cursor_locations (GtkEntry *entry,
_gtk_entry_adjust_scroll (GtkEntry *entry)
static void
gtk_entry_adjust_scroll (GtkEntry *entry)
GtkEntryPrivate *priv = GTK_ENTRY_GET_PRIVATE (entry);
gint min_offset, max_offset;
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