Commit e6693ab8 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

Avoid invariant checking spew in gnome-shell

For normal toplevels, visible is tightly bound to mapped, but for
something like a toplevel that exists within a Clutter stage we
may want to make mapping dependenton external factors, so we shouldn't
actually checked that !mapped toplevels are !visible.

Pointed out by Owen Taylor,
parent 19759025
......@@ -8669,12 +8669,18 @@ gtk_widget_verify_invariants (GtkWidget *widget)
/* Not mapped implies... */
#if 0
/* This check makes sense for normal toplevels, but for
* something like a toplevel that is embedded within a clutter
* state, mapping may depend on external factors.
if (widget->priv->toplevel)
if (widget->priv->visible)
g_warning ("%s %p toplevel is visible but not mapped",
G_OBJECT_TYPE_NAME (widget), widget);
/* Parent related checks aren't possible if parent has
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