Commit e33e23a6 authored by Carlos Garnacho's avatar Carlos Garnacho Committed by Matthias Clasen
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treeview: Ensure the treeview has the implicit grab before grabbing focus

The cellrenderer signals might be taking the grab somewhere else, at which
point it's dubious we should attempt to take the keyboard focus into the

This concretely breaks popovers triggered from cellrenderer signals on
button press, because the treeview will attempt to grab focus
inconditionally then.
parent 51799d41
......@@ -3050,9 +3050,13 @@ static void
grab_focus_and_unset_draw_keyfocus (GtkTreeView *tree_view)
GtkWidget *widget = GTK_WIDGET (tree_view);
GtkWidget *grab_widget = gtk_grab_get_current ();
if (gtk_widget_get_can_focus (widget) && !gtk_widget_has_focus (widget))
if (gtk_widget_get_can_focus (widget) &&
!gtk_widget_has_focus (widget) &&
(!grab_widget || grab_widget == widget))
gtk_widget_grab_focus (widget);
tree_view->priv->draw_keyfocus = 0;
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