Commit e28b10d5 authored by Alan McGovern's avatar Alan McGovern Committed by Aleksander Morgado

quartz: Null check title before setting it

This avoids a crash in objective-c.
parent b0ccdae7
......@@ -2642,9 +2642,11 @@ gdk_quartz_window_set_decorations (GdkWindow *window,
* NSTitledWindowMask. This behaved extremely oddly when
* conditionalized upon that and since it has no side effects (i.e.
* if NSTitledWindowMask is not requested, the title will not be
* displayed) just do it unconditionally.
* displayed) just do it unconditionally. We also must null check
* 'title' before setting it to avoid crashing.
[impl->toplevel setTitle:title];
if (title)
[impl->toplevel setTitle:title];
......@@ -2664,7 +2666,8 @@ gdk_quartz_window_set_decorations (GdkWindow *window,
[impl->toplevel setHasShadow: window_type_hint_to_shadow (impl->type_hint)];
[impl->toplevel setLevel: window_type_hint_to_level (impl->type_hint)];
[impl->toplevel setTitle:title];
if (title)
[impl->toplevel setTitle:title];
[impl->toplevel setBackgroundColor:bg];
[impl->toplevel setHidesOnDeactivate: window_type_hint_to_hides_on_deactivate (impl->type_hint)];
[impl->toplevel setContentView:old_view];
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