Commit dd4361a6 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

Rename enable-documentation and enable-man-pages options

You can now disable the documentation build with
-Ddocumentation=false and -Dman-pages=false.
parent 15edfbbc
......@@ -305,13 +305,13 @@ How to compile GTK+ itself
<arg choice="plain">-Denable-documentation=true</arg>
<arg choice="plain">-Denable-documentation=false</arg>
<arg choice="plain">-Ddocumentation=true</arg>
<arg choice="plain">-Ddocumentation=false</arg>
<arg choice="plain">-Denable-man-pages=true</arg>
<arg choice="plain">-Denable-man-pages=false</arg>
<arg choice="plain">-Dman-pages=true</arg>
<arg choice="plain">-Dman-pages=false</arg>
......@@ -47,11 +47,11 @@ gnome.gtkdoc('gtk4',
install: true)
xsltproc = find_program('xsltproc', required: false)
if get_option('enable-man-pages') and not xsltproc.found()
if get_option('man-pages') and not xsltproc.found()
error('No xsltproc found, but man pages were explicitly enabled')
if get_option('enable-man-pages') and xsltproc.found()
if get_option('man-pages') and xsltproc.found()
xlstproc_flags = [
'--stringparam', 'man.output.quietly', '1',
......@@ -608,7 +608,7 @@ endif
if get_option('enable-documentation')
if get_option('documentation')
......@@ -621,7 +621,7 @@ summary = [
' Enabled backends: @0@'.format(pkg_targets.strip()),
' Vulkan support: @0@'.format(have_vulkan),
' Tests: @0@'.format(get_option('build-tests')),
' Documentation: @0@'.format(get_option('enable-documentation')),
' Documentation: @0@'.format(get_option('documentation')),
' Demos: @0@'.format(get_option('demos')),
......@@ -30,9 +30,9 @@ option('disable-modules', type: 'boolean', value : 'false',
description : 'Disable dynamic module loading')
option('with-included-immodules', type: 'string', value : '',
description : 'Build the specified input methods into gtk (comma-separated list or "all" or "none")')
option('enable-documentation', type: 'boolean', value: 'false',
option('documentation', type: 'boolean', value: 'false',
description : 'Build API reference and tools documentation')
option('enable-man-pages', type: 'boolean', value: 'false',
option('man-pages', type: 'boolean', value: 'false',
description : 'Build man pages for installed tools')
option('introspection', type: 'boolean', value: 'true',
description : 'Build introspection data (requires gobject-introspection)')
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