Commit dcdd31e6 authored by Daniel Boles's avatar Daniel Boles Committed by Daniel Boles

HighContrast: Update; remove Gemfile

Make use sassc instead of the old Ruby method.
parent 796f9b5b
source ''
gem "sass", "~> 3.4.0"
#! /bin/bash
bundle exec sass --update --sourcemap=none .
if [ ! "$(which sassc 2> /dev/null)" ]; then
echo sassc needs to be installed to generate the css.
exit 1
SASSC_OPT="-M -t compact"
echo Generating the css...
sassc $SASSC_OPT gtk-contained.scss gtk-contained.css
sassc $SASSC_OPT gtk-contained-inverse.scss gtk-contained-inverse.css
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