Commit d1d009b4 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen
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Merge branch 'x11-quiet-exit' into 'master'

x11: Be quiet on exit by default

See merge request !3436
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......@@ -185,24 +185,13 @@ gdk_x_io_error (Display *display)
/* This is basically modelled after the code in XLib. We need
* an explicit error handler here, so we can disable our atexit()
* which would otherwise cause a nice segfault.
* We fprintf(stderr, instead of g_warning() because g_warning()
* could possibly be redirected to a dialog
* We g_debug() instead of g_warning(), because g_warning()
* could possibly be redirected to the log
if (errno == EPIPE)
g_message ("The application '%s' lost its connection to the display %s;\n"
"most likely the X server was shut down or you killed/destroyed\n"
"the application.\n",
g_get_prgname (),
display ? DisplayString (display) : NULL);
g_message ("%s: Fatal IO error %d (%s) on X server %s.\n",
g_debug ("%s: Fatal IO error %d (%s) on X server %s.\n",
g_get_prgname (),
errno, g_strerror (errno),
display ? DisplayString (display) : NULL);
display ? DisplayString (display) : "");
_exit (1);
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