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Big comment on how GtkFileSystemModel works

Let's have some documentation on the idea behind this beast...
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......@@ -33,6 +33,60 @@
#include "gtktreemodel.h"
#include "gtkalias.h"
/*** Structure: how GtkFileSystemModel works
* This is a custom GtkTreeModel used to hold a collection of files for GtkFileChooser. There are two use cases:
* 1. The model populates itself from a folder, using the GIO file enumerator API. This happens if you use
* _gtk_file_system_model_new_for_directory(). This is the normal usage for showing the contents of a folder.
* 2. The caller populates the model by hand, with files not necessarily in the same folder. This happens
* if you use _gtk_file_system_model_new() and then _gtk_file_system_model_add_and_query_file(). This is
* the special kind of usage for "search" and "recent-files", where the file chooser gives the model the
* files to be displayed.
* Each file is kept in a FileModelNode structure. Each FileModelNode holds a GFile* and other data. All the
* node structures have the same size, determined at runtime, depending on the number of columns that were passed
* to _gtk_file_system_model_new() or _gtk_file_system_model_new_for_directory() (that is, the size of a node is
* not sizeof (FileModelNode), but rather model->node_size). The last field in the FileModelNode structure,
* node->values[], is an array of GValue, used to hold the data for those columns.
* The model stores an array of FileModelNode structures in model->files. This is a GArray where each element is
* model->node_size bytes in size (the model computes that node size when initializing itself). There are
* convenience macros, get_node() and node_index(), to access that array based on an array index or a pointer to
* a node inside the array.
* The model accesses files through two of its fields:
* model->files - GArray of FileModelNode structures.
* model->file_lookup - hash table that maps a GFile* to an index inside the model->files array.
* The model->file_lookup hash table is populated lazily. It is both accessed and populated with the
* node_get_for_file() function. The invariant is that the files in model->files[n] for n < g_hash_table_size
* (model->file_lookup) are already added to the hash table. The hash table will get cleared when we re-sort the
* files, as the array will be in a different order and the indexes need to be rebuilt.
* Each FileModelNode has a node->visible field, which indicates whether the node is visible in the GtkTreeView.
* A node may be invisible if, for example, it corresponds to a hidden file and the file chooser is not showing
* hidden files.
* Since not all nodes in the model->files array may be visible, we need a way to map visible row indexes from
* the treeview to array indexes in our array of files.
* Each FileModelNode has a node->index field which is the number of visible nodes in the treeview, *before and
* including* that node. This means that node->index is 1-based, instead of 0-based --- this makes some code
* simpler, believe it or not :) This also means that when the calling GtkTreeView gives us a GtkTreePath, we
* turn the 0-based treepath into a 1-based index for our purposes.
* We try to compute the node->index fields lazily. For this, the model keeps a model->n_indexes_valid field
* which is the count of valid indexes starting from the beginning of the model->files array. When a node
* changes its information, or when a node gets deleted, that node and the following ones get invalidated by
* simply setting model->n_indexes_valid to the array index of the node. If the model happens to need a node's
* visible index and that node is in the model->files array after model->n_indexes_valid, then the indexes get
* re-validated up to the sought node. See node_validate_indexes() for this logic.
/*** DEFINES ***/
/* priority used for all async callbacks in the main loop
......@@ -51,7 +105,9 @@ struct _FileModelNode
GFile * file; /* file represented by this node or NULL for editable */
GFileInfo * info; /* info for this file or NULL if unknown */
guint index; /* if valid, index in path - aka visible nodes before this one */
guint index; /* if valid (see model->n_valid_indexes), visible nodes before and including
* this one - see the "Structure" comment above.
guint visible :1; /* if the file is currently visible */
guint frozen_add :1; /* true if the model was frozen and the entry has not been added yet */
......@@ -139,9 +195,17 @@ static void remove_file (GtkFileSystemModel *model,
/*** FileModelNode ***/
/* Get a FileModelNode structure given an index in the model->files array of nodes */
#define get_node(_model, _index) ((FileModelNode *) ((_model)->files->data + (_index) * (_model)->node_size))
/* Get an index within the model->files array of nodes, given a FileModelNode* */
#define node_index(_model, _node) (((gchar *) (_node) - (_model)->files->data) / (_model)->node_size)
/* @min_index: smallest model->array index that will be valid after this call
* @min_visible: smallest node->index that will be valid after this call
* Passing G_MAXUINT is fine for either/both of those arguments for "validate all nodes".
static void
node_validate_indexes (GtkFileSystemModel *model, guint min_index, guint min_visible)
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