Commit cf8b9418 authored by Murray Cumming's avatar Murray Cumming

GtkToolPalette: Fix a compiler warning introduced in my last commit.

parent 6b808a73
......@@ -1549,12 +1549,13 @@ gtk_tool_palette_get_drop_item (GtkToolPalette *palette,
gint x,
gint y)
GtkWidget *group = gtk_tool_palette_get_drop_group (palette, x, y);
GtkToolItemGroup *group = gtk_tool_palette_get_drop_group (palette, x, y);
GtkWidget *widget = GTK_WIDGET (group);
if (group)
return gtk_tool_item_group_get_drop_item (GTK_TOOL_ITEM_GROUP (group),
x - group->allocation.x,
y - group->allocation.y);
return gtk_tool_item_group_get_drop_item (group,
x - widget->allocation.x,
y - widget->allocation.y);
return NULL;
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