Commit cb63878b authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen
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Merge branch 'issue1901-gtk4' into 'master'

wayland: Use scale from core wl_output protocol

Closes #1901

See merge request !870
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......@@ -2357,16 +2357,18 @@ output_handle_scale (void *data,
g_message ("handle scale output %d, scale %d", monitor->id, scale));
if (monitor_has_xdg_output (monitor))
gdk_monitor_get_geometry (GDK_MONITOR (monitor), &previous_geometry);
previous_scale = gdk_monitor_get_scale_factor (GDK_MONITOR (monitor));
/* Set the scale from wl_output protocol, regardless of xdg-output support */
gdk_monitor_set_scale_factor (GDK_MONITOR (monitor), scale);
if (monitor_has_xdg_output (monitor))
width = previous_geometry.width * previous_scale;
height = previous_geometry.height * previous_scale;
gdk_monitor_set_scale_factor (GDK_MONITOR (monitor), scale);
monitor->width = width / scale;
monitor->height = height / scale;
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