Commit c77c6950 authored by Javier Jardón's avatar Javier Jardón

Restore non-deprecated GtkToolbar functions in gtk.symbols

The functions gtk_toolbar_set_icon_size() and
gtk_toolbar_unset_icon_size() are not deprecated
parent 9a4e3371
...@@ -3696,8 +3696,10 @@ gtk_toolbar_get_type G_GNUC_CONST ...@@ -3696,8 +3696,10 @@ gtk_toolbar_get_type G_GNUC_CONST
gtk_toolbar_insert gtk_toolbar_insert
gtk_toolbar_new gtk_toolbar_new
gtk_toolbar_set_drop_highlight_item gtk_toolbar_set_drop_highlight_item
gtk_toolbar_set_show_arrow gtk_toolbar_set_show_arrow
gtk_toolbar_set_style gtk_toolbar_set_style
gtk_toolbar_unset_style gtk_toolbar_unset_style
#endif #endif
#endif #endif
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