Commit c390a6ec authored by Tim Janik's avatar Tim Janik
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reverting changes that depend on other code which i'm going to

commit later this night (so gtk at least compiles for people).
parent b8368a54
......@@ -562,17 +562,6 @@ gtk_type_class_init (GtkTypeNode *node)
object_class->signals = NULL;
object_class->nsignals = 0;
object_class->n_args = 0;
if (gtk_type_is_a (node->type, GTK_TYPE_CONTAINER))
GtkContainerClass *container_class;
container_class = (GtkContainerClass*) object_class;
g_assert (node->type_info.class_size >= sizeof (GtkContainerClass));
container_class->n_args = 0;
/* class_init_func is used as data pointer for
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