Commit c32fa1aa authored by Lapo Calamandrei's avatar Lapo Calamandrei

Adwaita: remove .list-row.activatable reset.

Since being 'activatable' istead of 'button' now that reset
is not needed anymore, the patch is pretty noisy since sass
interpreter changes, those look innocuous though.
parent 3d7d2f24
......@@ -2573,24 +2573,6 @@ GtkScrolledWindow {
padding: 2px;
.list-row.activatable:insensitive:checked {
// reset button inherited stuff
@extend %undecorated_button;
background-color: transparentize($base_color,1); // for the transition
border-style: none; // I need no borders here
border-radius: 0; // and no rounded corners
box-shadow: none; // and no box-shadow
.list-row.activatable {
// let's take care of background colors
&:hover {
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This diff is collapsed.
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