Commit bffbc6e1 authored by Tim-Philipp Müller's avatar Tim-Philipp Müller Committed by Emmanuele Bassi
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meson: testsuite: gdk: use array for test definitions

parent 9bc24bf4
# FIXME: use array + foreach
test_cairo = executable('cairo', 'cairo.c', dependencies: libgtk_dep)
test('gdk/cairo', test_cairo)
tests = [
# 'check-gdk-cairo' # disabled in
test_cursor = executable('cursor', 'cursor.c', dependencies: libgtk_dep)
test('gdk/cursor', test_cursor)
test_env = environment()
test_env.set('G_TEST_SRCDIR', meson.current_source_dir())
test_env.set('G_TEST_BUILDDIR', meson.current_build_dir())
test_display = executable('display', 'display.c', dependencies: libgtk_dep)
test('gdk/display', test_display)
foreach t : tests
test_exe = executable(t, '@0@.c'.format(t), dependencies : libgtk_dep)
test_encoding = executable('encoding', 'encoding.c', dependencies: libgtk_dep)
test('gdk/encoding', test_encoding)
test('@0@ test'.format(t), test_exe, suite : 'gdk', env : test_env)
test_keysyms = executable('keysyms', 'keysyms.c', dependencies: libgtk_dep)
test('gdk/keysyms', test_keysyms)
test_rectangle = executable('rectangle', 'rectangle.c', dependencies: libgtk_dep)
test('gdk/rectangle', test_rectangle)
test_rgba = executable('rgba', 'rgba.c', dependencies: libgtk_dep)
test('gdk/rgba', test_rgba)
test_seat = executable('seat', 'seat.c', dependencies: libgtk_dep)
test('gdk/seat', test_seat)
# TODO: installed tests + .test files
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