Commit ba3e997d authored by Benjamin Otte's avatar Benjamin Otte

Make toolbutton not call functions on non-GtkMisc

parent 33194ff5
......@@ -470,11 +470,11 @@ gtk_tool_button_construct_contents (GtkToolItem *tool_item)
gtk_widget_show (icon);
if (icon && text_orientation == GTK_ORIENTATION_HORIZONTAL)
if (GTK_IS_MISC (icon) && text_orientation == GTK_ORIENTATION_HORIZONTAL)
gtk_misc_set_alignment (GTK_MISC (icon),
1.0 - gtk_tool_item_get_text_alignment (GTK_TOOL_ITEM (button)),
else if (icon)
else if (GTK_IS_MISC (icon))
gtk_misc_set_alignment (GTK_MISC (icon),
gtk_tool_item_get_text_alignment (GTK_TOOL_ITEM (button)));
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