Commit b80942ec authored by Rico Tzschichholz's avatar Rico Tzschichholz
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gdk: Fix some g-i annotations warnings

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......@@ -1282,7 +1282,7 @@ gdk_display_notify_startup_complete (GdkDisplay *display,
* gdk_display_get_startup_notification_id:
* @display: (type GdkX11Display): a #GdkDisplay
* @display: a #GdkDisplay
* Gets the startup notification ID for a Wayland display, or %NULL
* if no ID has been defined.
......@@ -83,12 +83,12 @@ const GValue * gdk_drop_read_value_finish (GdkDrop
GAsyncResult *result,
GError **error);
void gdk_drop_read_text_async (GdkDrop *drop,
void gdk_drop_read_text_async (GdkDrop *self,
GCancellable *cancellable,
GAsyncReadyCallback callback,
gpointer user_data);
char * gdk_drop_read_text_finish (GdkDrop *drop,
char * gdk_drop_read_text_finish (GdkDrop *self,
GAsyncResult *result,
GError **error);
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