Commit b5fc484c authored by Benjamin Otte's avatar Benjamin Otte

customproperty: Don't rely on querying style property

This way, we can remove type madness from GtkCssStyleProperty later.
parent bc9060a5
......@@ -28,6 +28,16 @@
G_DEFINE_TYPE (GtkCssCustomProperty, _gtk_css_custom_property, GTK_TYPE_CSS_STYLE_PROPERTY)
static GType
gtk_css_custom_property_get_specified_type (GParamSpec *pspec)
if (pspec->value_type == GDK_TYPE_RGBA ||
pspec->value_type == GDK_TYPE_COLOR)
return pspec->value_type;
static GtkCssValue *
gtk_css_custom_property_parse_value (GtkStyleProperty *property,
GtkCssParser *parser,
......@@ -56,8 +66,7 @@ gtk_css_custom_property_parse_value (GtkStyleProperty *property,
GtkCssStyleProperty *style = GTK_CSS_STYLE_PROPERTY (property);
g_value_init (&value, _gtk_css_style_property_get_specified_type (style));
g_value_init (&value, gtk_css_custom_property_get_specified_type (custom->pspec));
success = _gtk_css_style_parse_value (&value, parser, base);
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