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Commit b08fe39c authored by Alban Browaeys's avatar Alban Browaeys Committed by Matthias Clasen

GtkPlacesSidebar: do not unref mount

Do not unref mount has we grabbed its pointer without taking
a reference.
Otherwise the following call to g_list_free_full on network_mounts
frees it a second time. Segfault in nautilus ensue.
parent fc1ff402
......@@ -1123,7 +1123,6 @@ update_places (GtkPlacesSidebar *sidebar)
name, icon, mount_uri,
NULL, NULL, mount, 0, tooltip);
g_object_unref (root);
g_object_unref (mount);
g_object_unref (icon);
g_free (name);
g_free (mount_uri);
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