Commit af1499c3 authored by John Ralls's avatar John Ralls

Bug 691921 - GTK+ built on Leopard references [NSMenu removellItems]

Test it with respondsToSelector, and if it isn't available delete the
items one at a time.
parent 1944e036
......@@ -313,7 +313,19 @@ gtk_quartz_clear_main_menu (void)
- (void)populate
[self removeAllItems];
/* removeAllItems is available only in 10.6 and later, but it's more
efficient than iterating over the array of
NSMenuItems. performSelector: suppresses a compiler warning when
building on earlier OSX versions. */
if ([self respondsToSelector: @selector (removeAllItems)])
[self performSelector: @selector (removeAllItems)];
/* Iterate from the bottom up to save reindexing the NSArray. */
int i;
for (i = [self numberOfItems]; i > 0; i--)
[self removeItemAtIndex: i];
[self appendFromModel:model withSeparators:with_separators];
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