Commit acb1e532 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

A11y descriptions for GtkVolumeButton

svn path=/trunk/; revision=20364
parent 3fb401be
2008-06-12 Matthias Clasen <>
Bug 519092 – Add accessibility support to GtkVolumeButton
* gtk/gtkvolumebutton.c: Set accessibility descriptions.
Patch by Jonh Wendell
2008-06-12 Matthias Clasen <>
Bug 517706 – Connecting GtkButton with "use-stock" == FALSE to a
......@@ -79,10 +79,23 @@ gtk_volume_button_init (GtkVolumeButton *button)
atk_object_set_name (gtk_widget_get_accessible (GTK_WIDGET (button)),
atk_object_set_description (gtk_widget_get_accessible (GTK_WIDGET (button)),
_("Turns volume down or up"));
atk_action_set_description (ATK_ACTION (gtk_widget_get_accessible (GTK_WIDGET (button))),
_("Adjusts the volume"));
atk_object_set_name (gtk_widget_get_accessible (sbutton->minus_button),
_("Volume Down"));
atk_object_set_description (gtk_widget_get_accessible (sbutton->minus_button),
_("Decreases the volume"));
gtk_widget_set_tooltip_text (sbutton->minus_button, _("Volume Down"));
atk_object_set_name (gtk_widget_get_accessible (sbutton->plus_button),
_("Volume Up"));
atk_object_set_description (gtk_widget_get_accessible (sbutton->plus_button),
_("Increases the volume"));
gtk_widget_set_tooltip_text (sbutton->plus_button, _("Volume Up"));
gtk_scale_button_set_icons (sbutton, icons);
......@@ -130,6 +143,9 @@ cb_query_tooltip (GtkWidget *button,
GtkAdjustment *adj;
gdouble val;
char *str;
AtkImage *image;
image = ATK_IMAGE (gtk_widget_get_accessible (button));
adj = gtk_scale_button_get_adjustment (scale_button);
val = gtk_scale_button_get_value (scale_button);
......@@ -159,6 +175,7 @@ cb_query_tooltip (GtkWidget *button,
gtk_tooltip_set_text (tooltip, str);
atk_image_set_image_description (image, str);
g_free (str);
return TRUE;
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