Commit aa922f07 authored by Timm Bäder's avatar Timm Bäder 🤔
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gl renderer: Pass correct matrix category when rendering offscreen

We can't just pretend we have an identity matrix when we are actually
scaling. This fixes the node editor sometimes not drawing things when
rendering to a texture. We were mistakenly discaring render nodes
because the bounds transformation was wrong.
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......@@ -2707,7 +2707,7 @@ add_offscreen_ops (GskGLRenderer *self,
int render_target;
int prev_render_target;
RenderOp op;
graphene_matrix_t identity;
graphene_matrix_t modelview;
graphene_matrix_t prev_projection;
graphene_rect_t prev_viewport;
graphene_matrix_t item_proj;
......@@ -2762,15 +2762,16 @@ add_offscreen_ops (GskGLRenderer *self,
(bounds->origin.y + bounds->size.height) * scale,
graphene_matrix_scale (&item_proj, 1, -1, 1);
graphene_matrix_init_identity (&identity);
graphene_matrix_scale (&identity, scale, scale, 1);
graphene_matrix_init_scale (&modelview, scale, scale, 1);
prev_render_target = ops_set_render_target (builder, render_target);
/* Clear since we use this rendertarget for the first time */
op.op = OP_CLEAR;
ops_add (builder, &op);
prev_projection = ops_set_projection (builder, &item_proj);
ops_set_modelview (builder, &identity, GSK_TRANSFORM_CATEGORY_IDENTITY);
ops_set_modelview (builder, &modelview,
prev_viewport = ops_set_viewport (builder,
&GRAPHENE_RECT_INIT (bounds->origin.x * scale,
bounds->origin.y * scale,
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