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Allow resolving absolute paths even if there is no base_folder

This lets us do proper completion in GtkFileChooserEntry even when no base folder
has been set.  Completion for relative paths won't work, as usual, as expected.
parent 22723af0
......@@ -1568,7 +1568,6 @@ refresh_current_folder_and_file_part (GtkFileChooserEntry *chooser_entry,
error = NULL;
if (!chooser_entry->file_system ||
!chooser_entry->base_folder ||
!_gtk_file_system_parse (chooser_entry->file_system,
chooser_entry->base_folder, text,
&folder_file, &file_part, &error))
......@@ -708,9 +708,22 @@ _gtk_file_system_parse (GtkFileSystem *file_system,
if (str[0] == '~' || g_path_is_absolute (str) || is_uri)
file = g_file_parse_name (str);
file = g_file_resolve_relative_path (base_file, str);
if (base_file)
file = g_file_resolve_relative_path (base_file, str);
*folder = NULL;
*file_part = NULL;
g_set_error (error,
_("Invalid path"));
return FALSE;
if (g_file_equal (base_file, file))
if (base_file && g_file_equal (base_file, file))
/* this is when user types '.', could be the
* beginning of a hidden file, ./ or ../
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