Commit a57630b3 authored by Daniel Elstner's avatar Daniel Elstner
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gdk-wayland: Do not leak dummy 1x1 surface on every draw

When using EGL, neither leak nor re-create the dummy 1x1 Cairo
surface every time gdk_wayland_window_ensure_cairo_surface()
is called.
parent 701f82d1
......@@ -840,14 +840,17 @@ gdk_wayland_window_ensure_cairo_surface (GdkWindow *window)
if (impl->staging_cairo_surface &&
_gdk_wayland_is_shm_surface (impl->staging_cairo_surface))
cairo_surface_destroy (impl->staging_cairo_surface);
g_clear_pointer (&impl->staging_cairo_surface, cairo_surface_destroy);
if (!impl->staging_cairo_surface)
impl->staging_cairo_surface = cairo_image_surface_create (CAIRO_FORMAT_ARGB32,
cairo_surface_set_device_scale (impl->staging_cairo_surface,
impl->scale, impl->scale);
else if (!impl->staging_cairo_surface)
GdkWaylandDisplay *display_wayland = GDK_WAYLAND_DISPLAY (gdk_window_get_display (impl->wrapper));
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