Commit a516d235 authored by Michael Natterer's avatar Michael Natterer 😴
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gtk: fix warning when finalizing a GtkToolbar

Move destruction of child widgets from finalize() to dispose()
because unparenting emits a signal with old_parent as object
parameter, which tries to ref the toolbar that is being
parent 7be2ea82
......@@ -192,6 +192,7 @@ static void gtk_toolbar_get_child_property (GtkContainer *contain
guint property_id,
GValue *value,
GParamSpec *pspec);
static void gtk_toolbar_dispose (GObject *object);
static void gtk_toolbar_finalize (GObject *object);
static void gtk_toolbar_show_all (GtkWidget *widget);
static void gtk_toolbar_hide_all (GtkWidget *widget);
......@@ -367,8 +368,9 @@ gtk_toolbar_class_init (GtkToolbarClass *klass)
gobject_class->set_property = gtk_toolbar_set_property;
gobject_class->get_property = gtk_toolbar_get_property;
gobject_class->dispose = gtk_toolbar_dispose;
gobject_class->finalize = gtk_toolbar_finalize;
widget_class->button_press_event = gtk_toolbar_button_press;
widget_class->expose_event = gtk_toolbar_expose;
widget_class->size_request = gtk_toolbar_size_request;
......@@ -3158,6 +3160,24 @@ gtk_toolbar_get_drop_index (GtkToolbar *toolbar,
return physical_to_logical (toolbar, find_drop_index (toolbar, x, y));
static void
gtk_toolbar_dispose (GObject *object)
GtkToolbar *toolbar = GTK_TOOLBAR (object);
GtkToolbarPrivate *priv = GTK_TOOLBAR_GET_PRIVATE (toolbar);
if (priv->arrow_button)
gtk_widget_unparent (priv->arrow_button);
priv->arrow_button = NULL;
if (priv->menu)
gtk_widget_destroy (GTK_WIDGET (priv->menu));
G_OBJECT_CLASS (gtk_toolbar_parent_class)->dispose (object);
static void
gtk_toolbar_finalize (GObject *object)
......@@ -3167,9 +3187,6 @@ gtk_toolbar_finalize (GObject *object)
if (toolbar->tooltips)
g_object_unref (toolbar->tooltips);
if (priv->arrow_button)
gtk_widget_unparent (priv->arrow_button);
for (list = priv->content; list != NULL; list = list->next)
......@@ -3182,10 +3199,7 @@ gtk_toolbar_finalize (GObject *object)
g_list_free (toolbar->children);
g_timer_destroy (priv->timer);
if (priv->menu)
gtk_widget_destroy (GTK_WIDGET (priv->menu));
if (priv->idle_id)
g_source_remove (priv->idle_id);
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