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Paragraph explaining casting conventions via macro

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......@@ -75,6 +75,21 @@
by the windowing system: it will have a frame, a title bar and window
controls, depending on the platform.</para>
<para>A window title is set using gtk_window_set_title(). This function
takes a GtkWindow* pointer and a string as input. As our
<varname>window</varname> pointer is a GtkWidget pointer, we need to cast it
to GtkWindow*.
But instead of casting <varname>window</varname> via
<varname>window</varname> can be cast using the macro
<varname>GTK_WINDOW()</varname> will check if the
pointer is an instance of the GtkWindow class, before casting, and emit a
warning if the check fails. More information about this convention
can be found
<ulink url="">
<para>In order to terminate the application when the #GtkWindow is
destroyed, we connect the #GtkWidget::destroy signal to the gtk_main_quit()
function. This function will terminate the GTK+ main loop started by calling
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