Commit 9a81e714 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen
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range: Add a queue_resize call

This is a workaround for a regression in updating scrollbars in
some applications; notably eog. We haven't fully tracked down yet
why a queue_allocation is not sufficient here, it should.
parent 3659eb65
......@@ -3616,7 +3616,7 @@ gtk_range_calc_slider (GtkRange *range)
gtk_css_gadget_set_visible (priv->slider_gadget, visible);
gtk_css_gadget_queue_allocate (priv->slider_gadget);
gtk_css_gadget_queue_resize (priv->slider_gadget);
if (priv->has_origin)
gtk_css_gadget_queue_allocate (priv->trough_gadget);
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