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2006-06-30 Matthias Clasen <>
* NEWS,, Updates
* gtk/gtktreemodelsort.c (gtk_tree_model_sort_finalize):
Don't leak default_sort_data. (#346341, Christian Weiske)
2006-06-30 Matthias Clasen <>
* NEWS,, Updates
* gtk/gtktreemodelsort.c (gtk_tree_model_sort_finalize):
Don't leak default_sort_data. (#346341, Christian Weiske)
......@@ -3,9 +3,9 @@ Prerequisites
GTK+ requires the following packages:
- The GLib, Pango, and Atk libraries, available at the same location as GTK+
(Either Pango-1.0 or Pango-1.2 can be used with GTK+-2.2;
Pango-1.2 is recommended.)
- The GLib, Pango, ATK and cairo libraries, available at the same
location as GTK+. GTK+ @GTK_VERSION@ requires at least GLib 2.12,
Pango 1.13, ATK 1.9 and cairo 1.2.
- The TIFF, PNG, and JPEG image loading libraries. You most
likely have these installed on your system already. If not
......@@ -21,9 +21,9 @@ Simple install procedure
% gzip -cd gtk+-@GTK_VERSION@.tar.gz | tar xvf - # unpack the sources
% cd gtk+-@GTK_VERSION@ # change to the toplevel directory
% ./configure # run the `configure' script
% make # build GTK
% make # build GTK+
[ Become root if necessary ]
% make install # install GTK
% make install # install GTK+
The Details
Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.9.4 to 2.10.0
* Printing:
- A PREVIEW capability has been added to allow hiding the
preview button
* Bug fixes:
321393 Incorrect size request after changing the font
327164 (GtkRBNode *)node becomes NULL inside GtkTreeView
......@@ -10,6 +14,12 @@ Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.9.4 to 2.10.0
345663 gtkaction(group)?.c: using functions without prototype declaration
346079 gtk receives all sorts of events from the X server
343841 Misguided iter assertion in gtk_list_store_insert_with_values()
346113 unix print dialogue always has preview button
346237 Possible leak in gtkprintunixdialog.c
346027 cancelling printer enumeration
346312 gtk 2.9.4 tarball lacks the files gtkwin32embedwidget.h
and gtkprint-win32.h
346341 Memory leak in gtk_tree_model_sort_finalize: User data not freed
* Updated translations (cs,cy,dz,es,gu,hi,ko,mk,nb,nl,ru,th,ur)
......@@ -20,11 +20,13 @@ The official web site is:
Information about mailing lists can be found at
See the file 'INSTALL'
Release notes for 2.10
......@@ -48,15 +50,15 @@ Release notes for 2.10
reference. Details about floating references can be found in the docs:
* Suffixes like (_F) are now stripped from labels when they are displayed
in toolbars. If this is not wanted, the feature can be suppressed by
inserting a Unicode control character, e.g ZWNJ.
* Accelerators like (_F) are now stripped from labels when they are
displayed in toolbars. If this is not wanted, the feature can be
suppressed by inserting a Unicode control character, e.g ZWNJ.
* The pixbuf theme engine can now customize expanders (in GtkTreeView
and GtkExpander) and resize grips, using the new EXPANDER and
RESIZE_GRIP function values.
* Dialogs created by gtk_about_dialog_new no longer hide automatically
* Dialogs created by gtk_about_dialog_new() no longer hide automatically
when the user clicks close. It is the applications responsibility to
hide or destroy the dialog.
......@@ -66,8 +68,63 @@ Release notes for 2.10
objects derived from GtkNotebook are page-reordered, page-removed and
Release notes
* Due to the interface changes in the file chooser backend interface,
the GTK+ ABI version has been bumped to 2.10.0. Third-party filesystem
backends have to be ported to the new interface, other modules, such as
theme engines, input method modules or pixbuf loaders have to be rebuilt
so that they are installed in the right place for GTK+ to find them.
Release notes for 2.8
* GTK+ 2.8 and Pango 1.10 require the cairo library.
* The default theme has been renamed to "Raleigh". Existing configurations
specifying the "Default" theme name should still work.
* The GtkTreeView::enable-search property has been changed to control
only typeahead search, not the C-f keybinding to start an interactive
search. To turn off interactive searching completely, you have to
set GtkTreeView::search-column to -1.
* The restriction on using the same cell renderer in multiple columns
of a GtkTreeView is now more strictly enforced.
* In GTK+ 2.8, GtkCalendar uses nl_langinfo() (if available) to determine
the first day of the week. Thus, it is possible to select the first day
of the week independently from the language, by setting LC_TIME.
* In GTK+ 2.8, the gtk-update-icon-cache utility includes image data
in the icon caches, which will make the icon cache files larger than
the one produced by GTK+ 2.6. This change will reduce the memory
overhead of icon themes at runtime, since all GTK+ applications can
share the image data in memory.
* In 2.8, GDK emits GdkEventGrabBroken events when a keyboard or pointer
grab is broken. On X11, this can happen if the same application grabs
again, or if the window used for the grab becomes unviewable. It happens
more often on Win32. Applications which use grabs should pay attention
to these events and do the necessary cleanups when the grab is lost.
* The GIOChannel code for sockets on win32 has been rewritten.
Applications who make non-trivial use of GIOChannels on win32 should
be watched for possible problems.
* GLib 2.8 uses atomic operations to implement reference counting, thus
g_object_ref/unref, g_closure_ref/sink/unref and g_iochannel_ref/unref
can be used without locking in multithreaded applications. Note that
other modifications, like concurrent setting of properties still require
* g_convert() and related character set conversion functions have been
fixed to emit pending shift states and to not cache iconv descriptors
across multiple calls, since that is problematic for some encodings.
Note that these functions are not suitable for streaming conversions;
use g_iconv() to do streaming conversion.
Release notes for 2.6
* GTK+ 2.6 supports clipboard persistency. To make use of this feature,
a clipboard manager following the specification at
......@@ -149,6 +206,7 @@ Release notes
consideration, and use the gstdio wrappers to access files whose
names have been constructed from strings returned from GTK+ or GLib.
How to report bugs
......@@ -182,6 +240,7 @@ In the bug report please include:
it will be more useful if the stacktrace is produced running the test
program with the --sync command line option.
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