Commit 955d50a0 authored by Lukáš Tyrychtr's avatar Lukáš Tyrychtr
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Fix generation of accessible description in presence of described by relations

The loop going through the relation list should have stopped on the NULL sentinel value, however it never accesed the next list element.
parent 2a12a3e6
......@@ -1032,7 +1032,7 @@ gtk_at_context_get_description_accumulate (GtkATContext *self,
GList *list = gtk_reference_list_accessible_value_get (value);
for (GList *l = list; l != NULL; l = l->data)
for (GList *l = list; l != NULL; l = l->next)
GtkAccessible *rel = GTK_ACCESSIBLE (l->data);
GtkATContext *rel_context = gtk_accessible_get_at_context (rel);
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