Commit 7d7dfa73 authored by Simos Xenitellis's avatar Simos Xenitellis
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Fixed Bug 554506 – combining diacritics broken, became deadkeys

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parent 669baea0
2008-10-01 Simos Xenitellis <>
Bug 554506 – combining diacritics broken, became deadkeys
* gtk/gtkimcontextsimple.c: added check if keysym is greater
than 0x1000000, in this case it is not a dead key.
2008-09-30 Michael Natterer <>
Bug 553582 – Add orientation API to GtkSeparator
......@@ -407,11 +407,19 @@ check_normalize_nfc (gunichar* combination_buffer, gint n_compose)
return FALSE;
/* When updating the table of the compose sequences, also update here.
/* Checks if a keysym is a dead key. Dead key keysym values are defined in
* ../gdk/gdkkeysyms.h and the first is GDK_dead_grave. As X.Org is updated,
* more dead keys are added and we need to update the upper limit.
* Also checks if the keysym belongs to the non-spacing mark Unicode category,
* by invoking gdk_keyval_to_unicode(). For keysyms like 0x1000000 + 0x0301,
* it converts them to 0x301, which makes g_unichar_type() report them as
* non-spacing mark. Thus, we check that the value is less then 0x1000000.
* check_algorithmically() does not handle keysyms > 0x1000000.
#define IS_DEAD_KEY(k) \
(((k) >= GDK_dead_grave && (k) <= (GDK_dead_dasia+1)) || \
g_unichar_type (gdk_keyval_to_unicode (k)) == G_UNICODE_NON_SPACING_MARK)
((g_unichar_type (gdk_keyval_to_unicode (k)) == G_UNICODE_NON_SPACING_MARK) && \
((k) < 0x1000000)))
static gboolean
check_algorithmically (GtkIMContextSimple *context_simple,
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