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Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.20.x to 2.90.0
* GtkExtendedLayout: Width-for-height geometry management
* GtkExtendedLayout: Width-for-height geometry management. This change
is known to currently cause minor problems in some applications, see
617444 GNU emacs warnings with extended layout GTK+
617556 inkscape toolbars broken with extended layout
* gtk_icon_theme_load_symbolic: Support for 'symbolic' icons
* Applications can indicate their preference for a dark theme
variant by setting GtkSettings::gtk-application-prefer-dark-theme
* Tooltip positioning has been changed to make it less likely
that the tooltip covers up the widget that it relates to
* Deprecated functions have been removed (though some more work
remains to be done in GDK)
* This release is parallel installable with GTK+ <= 2.22, by renaming
.pc files, libraries, include paths, module paths, gtkrc files, etc
to include a '3.0' in its name.
Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.19.7 to 2.20.0
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