Commit 7d399719 authored by Mark Crichton's avatar Mark Crichton
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I dated telsa to break gdk-pixbuf.

I dated telsa to break gdk-pixbuf.

I didn't think she can do it.

She somehow did, with Alan's help

Fixed it (it was a build bug)

Now, it should be 1000% telsa-proofed.

parent bcfafb62
2000-01-29 Mark Crichton <>
* gdk-pixbuf-config: Oh dear, we weren't Telsa/Alan proof...
put `libart-config --libs` in instead of -lart_lgpl.
2000-01-22 Federico Mena Quintero <>
* gdk-pixbuf/io-pnm.c (pnm_read_raw_scanline): Return an error on
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