Commit 7a6babfd authored by Rui Matos's avatar Rui Matos
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widget: Unset window-unfocused in gtk_widget_unparent()

Widgets without a parent aren't inside a toplevel window so we must remove
window-unfocused as it doesn't make sense outside a toplevel.
parent 807a449f
......@@ -3784,6 +3784,9 @@ gtk_widget_unparent (GtkWidget *widget)
gtk_widget_queue_compute_expand (old_parent);
/* Unset window-unfocused since we are no longer inside a toplevel window */
gtk_widget_unset_state_flags (widget, GTK_STATE_FLAG_WINDOW_UNFOCUSED);
g_signal_emit (widget, widget_signals[PARENT_SET], 0, old_parent);
if (toplevel)
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