Commit 6fe0fbd4 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen
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Leave GDK_THREADS_ENTER/LEAVE visible for now

Not defining these macros at all causes harsh build breakages.
Better to leave them defined (but documented as deprecated) for now.
Everybody will still get the deprecation warnings for the underlying

We can hide the macros again later on when the world has had some
time to port off GDK threads.
parent d0d21a4f
......@@ -73,8 +73,6 @@ guint gdk_threads_add_timeout_seconds (guint interval,
gpointer data);
......@@ -100,8 +98,6 @@ guint gdk_threads_add_timeout_seconds (guint interval,
#define GDK_THREADS_LEAVE() gdk_threads_leave()
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