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x11: Be quiet on exit by default

The condition we check for to catch X servers going away
may not be accurate anymore, and the warning shows up in
logs, causing customers to be concerned. So, be quiet by
default, unless the user explicitly asked for a message.
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......@@ -185,24 +185,13 @@ gdk_x_io_error (Display *display)
/* This is basically modelled after the code in XLib. We need
* an explicit error handler here, so we can disable our atexit()
* which would otherwise cause a nice segfault.
* We fprintf(stderr, instead of g_warning() because g_warning()
* could possibly be redirected to a dialog
* We g_debug() instead of g_warning(), because g_warning()
* could possibly be redirected to the log
if (errno == EPIPE)
g_message ("The application '%s' lost its connection to the display %s;\n"
"most likely the X server was shut down or you killed/destroyed\n"
"the application.\n",
g_get_prgname (),
display ? DisplayString (display) : NULL);
g_message ("%s: Fatal IO error %d (%s) on X server %s.\n",
g_debug ("%s: Fatal IO error %d (%s) on X server %s.\n",
g_get_prgname (),
errno, g_strerror (errno),
display ? DisplayString (display) : NULL);
display ? DisplayString (display) : "");
_exit (1);
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