Commit 53214f25 authored by Tristan Van Berkom's avatar Tristan Van Berkom

Fixing gail build for removal of GtkObject type.

parent 87e29c99
......@@ -203,7 +203,7 @@ static void model_row_changed (GtkTreeModel
static void column_visibility_changed (GObject *object,
GParamSpec *param,
gpointer user_data);
static void column_destroy (GtkObject *obj);
static void column_destroy (GObject *obj);
static void model_row_inserted (GtkTreeModel *tree_model,
GtkTreePath *path,
GtkTreeIter *iter,
......@@ -2816,7 +2816,7 @@ column_visibility_changed (GObject *object,
* and if so we get rid of it.
static void
column_destroy (GtkObject *obj)
column_destroy (GObject *obj)
GtkTreeViewColumn *tv_col = GTK_TREE_VIEW_COLUMN (obj);
AtkObject *header;
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