Commit 52d944ec authored by Kjell Ahlstedt's avatar Kjell Ahlstedt Committed by Matthias Clasen
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flowbox: Don't use a removed child after it has been unparented

In gtk_flow_box_remove(), call g_sequence_remove() before the child is unparented.

See MR !2029
parent e169c356
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......@@ -3270,8 +3270,8 @@ gtk_flow_box_remove (GtkContainer *container,
if (child == priv->selected_child)
priv->selected_child = NULL;
gtk_widget_unparent (GTK_WIDGET (child));
g_sequence_remove (CHILD_PRIV (child)->iter);
gtk_widget_unparent (GTK_WIDGET (child));
if (was_visible && gtk_widget_get_visible (GTK_WIDGET (box)))
gtk_widget_queue_resize (GTK_WIDGET (box));
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