Commit 52acceef authored by Claudio Saavedra's avatar Claudio Saavedra

GtkTreeView: plug a leaking GtkTreeRowReference

This is exposed by overshooting in a HildonPannableArea. Leaking
a GtkTreeRowReference also means leaking the whole model, since
the GtkTreeModel reference count is increased for each row

Fixes bug #607770 - Leak in GtkTreeView with HildonPannableArea
parent 3c618f2f
......@@ -6479,8 +6479,7 @@ gtk_tree_view_dy_to_top_row (GtkTreeView *tree_view)
if (tree == NULL)
tree_view->priv->top_row = NULL;
tree_view->priv->top_row_dy = 0;
gtk_tree_view_set_top_row (tree_view, NULL, 0);
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