Commit 5029e114 authored by Timm Bäder's avatar Timm Bäder 🤔

tests/scrolling-performance: Define MyTextView

The type is used in widget-factory.ui, so add a dummy definition here to
keep the test working.
parent 106bc957
......@@ -5,6 +5,28 @@
#include "frame-stats.h"
/* Stub definition of MyTextView which is used in the
* widget-factory.ui file. We just need this so the
* test keeps working
typedef struct
GtkTextView tv;
} MyTextView;
typedef GtkTextViewClass MyTextViewClass;
G_DEFINE_TYPE (MyTextView, my_text_view, GTK_TYPE_TEXT_VIEW)
static void
my_text_view_init (MyTextView *tv) {}
static void
my_text_view_class_init (MyTextViewClass *tv_class) {}
GtkWidget *
create_widget_factory_content (void)
......@@ -12,6 +34,7 @@ create_widget_factory_content (void)
GtkBuilder *builder;
GtkWidget *result;
g_type_ensure (my_text_view_get_type ());
builder = gtk_builder_new ();
gtk_builder_add_from_file (builder,
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