Commit 4fee1aa2 authored by Bastian Winkler's avatar Bastian Winkler

grid: Add missing guard to gtk_grid_get_child_at()

Add missing guard to make sure it's called with a GtkGrid argument.
parent 16173442
......@@ -1603,10 +1603,14 @@ gtk_grid_get_child_at (GtkGrid *grid,
gint left,
gint top)
GtkGridPrivate *priv = grid->priv;
GtkGridPrivate *priv;
GtkGridChild *child;
GList *list;
g_return_val_if_fail (GTK_IS_GRID (grid), NULL);
priv = grid->priv;
for (list = priv->children; list; list = list->next)
child = list->data;
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