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docs: add docs for GtkTreeDragDestIface

parent 094350df
......@@ -93,10 +93,21 @@ gboolean gtk_tree_drag_source_drag_data_get (GtkTreeDragSource *drag_source,
typedef struct _GtkTreeDragDest GtkTreeDragDest; /* Dummy typedef */
typedef struct _GtkTreeDragDestIface GtkTreeDragDestIface;
* GtkTreeDragDestIface:
* @drag_data_received: Asks the #GtkTreeDragDest to insert a row
* before the path dest, deriving the contents of the row from
* selection_data.
* @row_drop_possible: Determines whether a drop is possible before
* the given dest_path, at the same depth as dest_path.
struct _GtkTreeDragDestIface
/*< private >*/
GTypeInterface g_iface;
/*< public >*/
/* VTable - not signals */
gboolean (* drag_data_received) (GtkTreeDragDest *drag_dest,
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